Because i deserve it!

Call me what you will, but

I've seen enough "artistic" photos of the Arch to last me a lifetime. I think, as of today, I've seen every perspective of the Arch in every season and nearly every weather condition possible.

Okay, enough's enough about the Stadium. I'm sad the Stadium is coming down, too. Mostly, because I never truly appreciated the beauty of the structure until its demise was imminent and I'll miss seeing it. I'm afraid the new stadium won't stand out enough against the surrounding structures. And it's a building of where I have some very fond memories. But so did The Tap in Carbondale, and I'm not exactly all torn up its gone either. That said, I'm going to gag the next time I read a line like "It's a shame our ren won't have the experience of the same Stadium where we saw our first baseball games." Let's keep it in perspective. Are you full of regret that you never saw a game at Sportman's Park? Seriously, has it ever had an impact on your life? I doubt it. Our won't care much, either.

What is it with this city and weather, anyhow? I swear, I've lived all over the damn country and have found that, in the end, all weather is unpredictable. I've made this plea before, but unless you are planning a picnic, or planning to sled down Art Hill, can we please just stop talking about the fucking weather?

The friendliest venue of finer dining I've been to in a long, long time is Juniper Grill on 12 St. I can't say enough. We ate at Poor Richard's in Eureka a week ago, and our waitress there was extremely friendly, too. That same day, the girl at the McDonald's drive through on Jefferson was so damn nice it pretty much made my day. I wonder if this is a trend, or just a reflection of the fact I haven't been to Tucker Schmucker's in a while?

I was much more the Model Girlfriend this weekend, than in previous weeks. Okay, so there was a something or other Friday evening, but I still think the BGE overreacted, and I did have several whiskeys. However. I handled the resulting event (the BGE up and leaving) very well. Which means, essentially, that I went home quietly. I let him in at 2 am, without any sort of fight or pout or reprimand, and then took care of his drunk ass (including sleeping on the love seat, while he slept on the couch, in case he needed anything--he tried, but was unable to get up the stairs and out of his clothes, so he opted for the sofa). I also administered to his hangover the next morning (the BGE doesn't drink much, so the whole macho whiskey shot thing has diabolical consequences). I have a lot of experience in this area. With ex-wives, grown ren and needy mothers I have no experience, so it felt sort of good to be back in familiar territory.

The Blocker is a good friend. First, while his (our) other friends were giving the BGE a hard time on Friday night, after we parted ways, including planting a seed that I was likely with The Blocker, and telling him "I told you so," Blocker was supportive and reassured him that it would work out, and that he hoped it would, but even if it didn't, we had a good 4 months. In my world, that's how a friend acts. AND, the Blocker made me a book. Bound, trade paperback size, about 500 pages, all blank. "You have to put your own words in there," he told me. No one has ever made me a book before.

Ghirardelli's limited edition Peppermint Bark is just about the best thing I have ever put in my mouth. And I don't even like chocolate much. I wish I would have bought several bars, instead of the one I have already finished. It also tastes great paired with a red Rhone.

Wading in dangerous water wearing nothing but silk hipwaders

So, the Prez (I really want to type "His Shrubbery Highness" but then everyone would know how I feel about the Prez, and therefore ignore the following, because of its inherent bias). So the Prez says, "We do not torture." I have no reason to doubt the veracity of this statement (forget about Abu Ghraib--dontcha know that was just an exaggeration perpetuated by the liberal media?) except that it begs the question: why is he lobbying against a Congressional push?