Because i deserve it!


I need to do something really nice for the BGE*. For putting up with all my bullshit. I've been wacked out, moody, pissy, pouty, spoiled and a general pain in the ass for the last couple of months. I've even made him cry. To his credit, he hasn't beat me into submission yet.

Don't bother suggesting a blow job while he eats a steak over the sink and watches ESPN. We do that every night.

7 People at the Bar

Mama said there'd be days like this

Yes, well. My day started out badly, and it isn't getting any better. While I like autumn and all that, the week after the time change always sucks.

And, for the record, the BGE doesn't deserve me. And by that I mean, I don't deserve him. I'm even too embarrassed to say why. I need to go to girlfriend school. Or something.